Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Textbooks on reserve at the Library

The Gardner-Harvey Library has just purchased, and placed on library reserve, textbooks for 24 Miami Plan or other introductory courses offered at MUM. Our aim is to assist students who may not be able to afford the textbooks, and to give all students in the courses an opportunity to make use of their required textbook while on campus. Given the rising costs of textbooks, this pilot project is aimed at making these materials for learning as widely available as possible, which is certainly a part of the Library's mission.

A full list of the courses and their textbooks is available at http://www.mid.muohio.edu/library/textbooks.cfm The estimated enrollment among the courses is 1968 students. The average cost of the textbooks purchased is $87.00. For most courses, there is just a single copy of each textbook on reserve. Each textbook may be checked out for two hours at one time. Again, this is a pilot project and we hope to assess the use of the current group of textbooks to guide future selections and usage guidelines.

Courses and textbooks were chosen based on the following factors:
- the nature of the course (in terms of its status as a Miami Plan or introductory course)
- the enrollment of a significant number of students in the course
- the use of a single textbook for all or most of the course's sections
- the nature of the textbook (only required textbooks were purchased; no study guides, lab manuals, workbooks, or other related materials, except where noted)

Please note that the textbooks for MTH007E and SPN201/202 are not yet available (although a copy of the MTH007E textbook is already on reserve thanks to a course instructor). Let me also thank Daphne Eldridge of the MUM Bookstore for her superb assistance in helping us choose and acquire the textbooks. I would also like to thank the many instructors who regularly place textbooks on reserve for their courses (the current group of these reserve items are also listed at the link above). One way that we could continue to build this collection would be through instructor or student donations of used texts, so if you have a current text you could part with, please let us know.

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