Monday, September 30, 2013

I've got time between classes; does the library have somewhere I can work?

So you thought you knew how the library worked...
Library Myth #6

So glad you chose to visit the library!  Yes, the library offers various study spaces, depending on what you want.  If you have online research to do, a paper to write, a presentation to create, or downtime to catch up with Facebook friends, then work at a new Dell desktop computer.  If you prefer a comfortable chair for online work, check out an iPad or laptop instead at the Info Desk.
If this is not the time for electronic distractions, seek out quiet study space along the library walls/perimeter. 

If you are looking for a spot to do group work and need a whiteboard, you have options.  Group study space is available downstairs in the Group Area, complete with vending machines.  There are also several collaboration stations with whiteboards around the library’s main floor.  If your group needs to watch a DVD together or practice a presentation, then reserving a STAR Lounge could be your ideal space.  Each STAR Lounge is equipped with a large monitor, computer, and cable. You could work there solo to record an interview or foreign language assignment too.   

So drop by the library when you are looking for space to get your coursework done, relax, or just read.  And yes, food and drink are allowed in the library.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So when is the Gardner-Harvey Library open, anyway?

So you thought you knew how the library worked...
Library Myth #5

Come to the Gardner-Harvey Library for computers & Internet,working on group projects, study space, printing, and the like.  We are here for you: Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

At all other times, visit us online!   "The virtual library" is open 24/7 via the Gardner-Harvey Library Website or the Libraries tab in Niihka.

Miami University Libraries subscribe to many research databases, eBook collections, digital media collections, and search tools to make finding information easier.  We offer you point of need help via short Tutorials on research strategies and using search tools and Subject Guides to get you started, found on our Library Website. 

 When you are off-campus, go to to the Gardner-Harvey Library Website , click on an electronic resource, and enter your Miami Unique ID and Password when prompted. Then you will have immediate access to search these electronic journals, books, and media.  When you need books and media start at Books and More.  When you need journal and newspaper articles start at Articles and More.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Can I keep OhioLINK stuff like textbooks for the whole semester?

So you thought you knew how the library worked...
Library Myth #4

Unfortunately OhioLINK loans don’t last a semester.  Loan period varies depending upon the library policy in effect.  The length of the loan depends upon (1) the borrower’s status:  undergraduate, graduate student or faculty/staff, (2) the item type such as print or media (DVDs, etc.), (3) holds by users of the library that owns the item have priority over others.  

      The loan period for OhioLINK media items is always 1 week. The loan period for OhioLINK books:
  • 3 weeks for undergraduate and graduate students 
  • 6 weeks for faculty/staff
The good news is that renewals are often possible, if there are no other holds.  The best time to request a renewal of an OhioLINK item is during the 7 days before the item is due.  If someone else has requested that item, the renewal request will be denied and the item must be returned. OhioLINK books may be renewed up to six times. OhioLINK media items may not be renewed.

      Please know there are overdue fines for OhioLINK items. Overdue charges on OhioLINK items is $0.50 per day to a maximum of $15.00, plus an additional late fee of $35.00 added to all items which are returned more than 30 days late.  Replacement cost for OhioLINK items is $100.00 (minimum) per item, plus a $15.00 processing fee.  To keep track of what you have checked out and when each item is due use  MyLibraryAccount    

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Library screencasts - watch and learn quickly!

If you're looking for quick guidance on how to find library resources or how to understand research concepts, you might want to look at our collection of library screencasts:  

Beth, Jessie, and I have either built or collected these screencasts, which range from 2-9 minutes.  They are an easy way to get answers to common research questions.

Recent additions to the list include:
Do you wish you had a screencast on a topic not represented on our page?  Let us know and we'll put one together.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Do I go to OhioLINK for everything I can't find at the Gardner-Harvey Library?

So you thought you knew how the library worked...
Library Myth #3

·         The reality is that you can request items from the Hamilton and Oxford campus Miami University Libraries by clicking "Request Item" if it is in our library system but not at the Gardner-Harvey Library.  Inter-campus requests usually take 1 business day.  You are emailed when the item is ready for pickup.   
  • If Miami Libraries do not have an available copy, your next step is to click OhioLINK and search for the item you want by author or title.  Then click the green button: Request, Miami U, enter your Miami ID and Password and pickup location when prompted.  The item is then shipped from the OhioLINK academic library that owns the item to Miami, usually in 3-5 business days.  You are emailed when it has arrived and is ready for pickup.
  •    Finally the Gardner-Harvey Library staff will fill Inter-library loan (ILL) requests, if the item is neither available at Miami nor through OhioLINK.  You simply complete the online ILL form and submit the request.  Once it arrives, you are emailed.
  • By the way, all these services are free!  Ohio students, staff,and faculty work in a state that shares resources among library consortia members.  This simplifies the learning, teaching, and research process for you.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Does it matter when I return this to the Gardner-Harvey Library?

So you thought you knew how the library worked...
Library Myth #2

 Well, yes, it does matter to the hundreds of other students on the Miami Middletown campus, taking courses just like you and sharing the same library resources.   Some items like iPads, laptops, digital cameras, and textbooks on reserve are in high demand, thus the short loan period.  

      When library items are not returned on time, you will receive overdue emails via your Miami gmail account and are eventually fined overdue charges.  If you ignore the multiple Miami Libraries’ overdue reminders, you will be charged a replacement fee, which can be expensive depending on the item you have borrowed.  You may even lose technology borrowing privileges for multiple late returns of equipment.  

      Why is this happening to me?  Libraries look out for the interests of everybody!
       How can I prevent this problem?  You can always check when your library items are due by logging into My Library Account where you can renew certain library items online.  You may also call the Info Desk at 513-727-3222 or drop in to review due dates and possible renewals.