Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Does it matter when I return this to the Gardner-Harvey Library?

So you thought you knew how the library worked...
Library Myth #2

 Well, yes, it does matter to the hundreds of other students on the Miami Middletown campus, taking courses just like you and sharing the same library resources.   Some items like iPads, laptops, digital cameras, and textbooks on reserve are in high demand, thus the short loan period.  

      When library items are not returned on time, you will receive overdue emails via your Miami gmail account and are eventually fined overdue charges.  If you ignore the multiple Miami Libraries’ overdue reminders, you will be charged a replacement fee, which can be expensive depending on the item you have borrowed.  You may even lose technology borrowing privileges for multiple late returns of equipment.  

      Why is this happening to me?  Libraries look out for the interests of everybody!
       How can I prevent this problem?  You can always check when your library items are due by logging into My Library Account where you can renew certain library items online.  You may also call the Info Desk at 513-727-3222 or drop in to review due dates and possible renewals.

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