Monday, October 09, 2006

Access to The Chronicle of Higher Education

Miami University Libraries has just added a subscription to Chronicle Campuswide, which means that the full Chronicle of Higher Education is now available online from any computer on campus. The subscription includes not only the most recent weekly Chronicle and daily online stories, but also an archive of Chronicle content dating back to 1989.

To access The Chronicle from campus, you may either enter "" in your browser or click on the link for "Chronicle of Higher Education" in the alphabetical list of indexes and databases (linked from the Gardner-Harvey Library site. From off-campus, you may also use The Chronicle by clicking on the link in the alphabetical list of indexes and databases, and then entering your Unique ID and password.

The current MIDCHRONICLE email list, which supplies the daily summary of stories posted to The Chronicle site, will continue shortly once our campus subscription issues are solved. You may subscribe to the list at

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