Monday, October 30, 2006

Digital Video Collection: New Titles!

OhioLINK continues to expand its collection of online digital videos, and Miami University Middletown is playing a key role. Recently, the staff of the Gardner-Harvey Library selected 20 new titles to add to the collection, and paid for statewide digital access to them. Miami students, faculty, and staff may now use computers on- or off-campus watch or show any of the following videos:

- E-Commerce in Business
- Problem Solving (Series: Back to the Basics)
- Conflict Resolution and Etiquette (Series: Back to the Basics)
- Clerical Skills for New Employees
- Free Market Economies: The Commanding Heights
- Outsourcing: White Collar Exodus
- eBay: Managing Success
- Daily Cafe Operations
- Key Functions of a Business: A Case Study
- Global Capital Market: Risks and Rewards
- Common Mistakes People Make In Interviews
- Informational Interviewing and Networking
- Computer Worms and Viruses
- Cancer Story
- Incriminating Evidence: Forensic Specialists in Action
- E-mail Alert: How E-mail Becomes E-evidence
- Tillie Olsen: "I Stand Here Ironing"
- Flannery O'Connor
- Henry David Thoreau: In His Own Words
- Langston Hughes: His Life and Times

To access any of the above titles (in addition to the hundreds already in the collection), go to the Digital Video Collection at and search or browse by title, keyword, or subject. Keep in mind that links to individual videos can be placed in Blackboard or emailed.

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