Friday, September 01, 2006

GHL requests, Chronicle updates, and thanks!


I just wanted to make you aware of two library services that you may wish to take advantage of, and pass along a little joy.

First, any Middletown campus patron (students, faculty, staff, or community borrowers) may use the "request item" feature in the catalog to request that a book owned in our collection be held at our circulation desk for pickup. We are happy to retrieve items from our shelves and save your time in this way. You may notice that the libraries at Oxford are offering this service as a pilot program for faculty, and I just wanted to clarify that we have been offering, and will continue to offer, this service to all Middletown patrons.

Second, along with the library's subscription to the paper Chronicle of Higher Education, we also receive a daily email summary of stories in the Chronicle, along with links to those stories on the Chronicle web site. If you would like to receive this email summary, you may either subscribe to the "midchronicle" list yourself at (choose "join or leave the list"), or email me. It is a quick scan of the Chronicle contents, and is sent out every morning.

We are extremely grateful to have the Gardner-Harvey Library back up and operating in our newly renovated building. With some work still to be done, we are enjoying our new roof, ceiling, and perhaps most of all, our entirely new HVAC system. I'd like to thank Chuck Mack and the Physical Facilities crew, Lee Back and the Technology Services staff, and our contractors and subcontractors from Empire for getting us through two moves, our provision of services this summer in temporary quarters in the Computer Center, and a challenging amount of work in the library itself. And thanks to all of you for putting up with major alterations in your library routine. It's good to be back!

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