Tuesday, November 19, 2019

December's Middletown book discussion group title: Roughing It

The MUM Book Discussion group will next meet on Monday, December 16 to discuss Mark Twain's Roughing It.  We will meet at 12 pm in Room 124 in the Library.   

Here is a brief summary of the title, along with links to request the book from Miami, OhioLINK, and SearchOhio libraries (Just click "Request" and choose "Miami University" from the dropdown list.  Then enter your UniqueID and password, and the library from which you would like to retrieve the item):  

"Mark Twain tells of his years as a young tenderfoot adrift in the Wild West, mixing memoir, reporting, social satire, humorous anecdotes, and tall tales."

Read the book (or read something else interesting), then come along to our discussion to share what else you've been reading/watching/listening to/experiencing, and help us plan our future readings.  

Have an idea for a book to discuss?  Let us know and check out our page of past and future reads at http://www.mid.miamioh.edu/library/bookdiscussion.htm

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