Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Textbooks on Reserve for Fall

The Textbooks on Reserve program at the library has recently been updated. Thanks to the efforts of the MUM Bookstore posting the list of required textbooks (with ISBNs and prices) and to faculty members who placed their orders early, we were able to add many new and updated books well ahead of time this semester.

Though a few books are still being added, we now have textbooks for 124 courses offered at Middletown (most of these were purchased by the library, and others are personal copies added by faculty members or purchased separately by academic departments). The full list is available here.

We had a very strong summer of textbook use. From the middle of May through the end of July we had 179 checkouts (easily our biggest summer ever, even without having all of the stats in). Don't forget the other methods we have for accessing textbooks through the library.

If you can help further spread the word that the textbooks are available, that would be most helpful. If you would like to correct information on our list or if you have suggestions on other courses we should consider buying textbooks for, please let us know.

We thank you for your use and support of this program!

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