Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accessing Textbooks Through the Library

Students have a variety of options to access required course materials through the Gardner-Harvey Library:

1. The library may have purchased the course textbook as part of our Textbooks on Reserve program. The current list of available textbooks (arranged by course) is available at http://www.mid.muohio.edu/library/textbookreserves.htm The library will also purchase additional textbooks as requested for Summer Semester. Each textbook may be borrowed from the library for two hours, or if checked out after 5:00pm, it can be kept until 9:00am the next morning.

2. Faculty members may have placed textbooks or other materials on library reserve. Many of the textbooks provided by faculty members are on the list linked above. If a faculty member would like to place an item on reserve, please consult the information at http://www.mid.muohio.edu/library/reserves.htm and use the online form at the bottom of that page.

3. Students may be able to borrow a copy of the textbook from another Miami University Library or from one of our OhioLINK library partners around the state. Materials may be borrowed for up to 15 weeks through OhioLINK. The starting point is to use our library catalog at http://www.lib.muohio.edu/multifacet (this searches all Miami libraries) and then to click on “Request Item.” Library staff would be happy to run searches and assist anyone in checking the availability of a title in OhioLINK.

4. Some textbooks are available as electronic books purchased through OhioLINK. A quick way to search these e-book collections (along with the print collections of OhioLINK libraries) is to use the University System of Ohio’s Textbook Portal at http://textbooks.uso.edu/ Enter either the ISBN or a combination of the title and author of the book to see if it is available.

The library stands ready to assist any student or faculty member who needs help with these matters. Please contact us at 513-727-3222, midref@lib.muohio.edu, IM us @ askghl, or contact any of our staff members directly using the information at http://www.mid.muohio.edu/library/contactus.htm

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