Thursday, March 15, 2007

Textbooks on Reserve: new look; collection grows

Students are regularly using the Library's Textbooks on Reserve collection, and now our list of the courses and textbooks included has grown easier to navigate. The list now includes the course number, the author and title of the textbook, and the name of the instructor who is using that text (unless all instructors for a given course are using the same text). The text titles are linked to the online reserve system so that you can see if a particular text is available or checked out.

We ask for your help in publicizing the textbook collection to your students, advisees, or classmates. Faculty members may wish to review the list to ensure that we have listed their textbooks correctly.

The Library is extremely grateful to the Engineering Technology (ENT) department for their decision to use departmental library funds to purchase 15 textbooks for 14 of their courses. Those textbooks will be added to the collection and to the web site shortly.

Those 14 courses join 33 others with textbooks already provided by the project, and 16 more courses for which faculty members have provided textbooks. If my math is correct (and I have the proper textbooks to consult), there are now textbooks on reserve for 63 courses offered at Miami Middletown. Awesome!