Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Computers and Pimp My Bookcart Contest

The close of the semester brings two tremendous announcements regarding library services and activities to you:

(1) With the much appreciated assistance of the Technology Services and Physical Facilities departments, the Library classroom (GRD 111) is now equipped with 16 computers. This space is not only useful for library instruction sessions and other classes which require computer access, but it also provides 16 more public access computers to our patrons when classes are not using the room. That gives us 31 public machines; more than doubling our capacity. The increased computer seating should be helpful to students during these busy weeks.

(2) Inspired by the comic strip Unshelved (see for the cartoon in question), the Gardner-Harvey Library is calling for customizers and augmenters of all kinds to submit their ideas for how we can "Pimp My Bookcart." We have an old bookcart that is in need of some help. Come over to the library, grab an entry form, and give us your ideas on some extra things we can add on to fix up this old cart. The deadline is Friday, December 15.

Help pass the word along to students or enter on your own. The provider of the winning entry in the contest will win a "Pimp My Bookcart" t-shirt, and then the Gardner-Harvey Library mechanics will bring his or her dream to reality. We will then enter the finished product in an international version of the contest.

Best of luck to all as we close out the semester and head into the holidays!

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