Monday, December 11, 2006

Library opens audiovisual collection to OhioLINK

At the beginning of Spring Semester 2007, the Gardner-Harvey Library will change its policy on the lending of audiovisual materials (videos, DVDs, and other media items). While these materials will continue to be available to all Miami University students, faculty, and staff, they will now also be available to all patrons of OhioLINK libraries.

This change is in keeping with the OhioLINK philosophy of shared collections which benefits each of us when the combined libraries of Miami University lack an item we need. We hope that our materials will be used more widely, and, in turn, that as more libraries open up to lending audiovisual items through OhioLINK, there will be many more items available to our library's patrons.

Opening our collection to a wider audience does mean that our audiovisual items may not be on hand when needed. We have five tools at our disposal to help avoid or address these situations:

(1) Individuals may request that items in our collection be held for them at the circulation desk. Using the "Request Item" option in the MU Library Catalog, MU students, faculty, and staff may request that an item be placed on the Gardner-Harvey Library hold shelf. Materials may be requested at any time, and will be held on the shelf for ten days.

(2) Faculty may place items on reserve for class use. Before or at any time during a semester, faculty members may request that an item be placed on reserve for a specific course. These reserve items may not be requested by patrons of OhioLINK libraries.

(3) Items may be "booked" for future use. Faculty members may request that a specific item be booked for use on a certain date or range of dates during the semester. Items that are entered into the booking system and are then checked out must return by the start of the booking period.

(4) Loans of audiovisual items to OhioLINK library patrons are limited to one week with no renewals. This should ensure relatively quick turnaround times for items that leave and are then needed for class use.

(5) Another OhioLINK library may own the needed item. If so, the item may be requested through the OhioLINK catalog, and will be on our hold shelf in 3-4 business days.

Careful preparation for expected needs for audiovisual items will help this process work well. If our library staff can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Again, we look forward to expanded use of OhioLINK materials for all of us, and we thank you for taking this step with us.

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