Monday, August 29, 2016

New study rooms and room reservation system at Gardner-Harvey Library!

Our library renovation has added 8 new study rooms, which may be reserved by you in advance. There are now 10 study rooms on the main floor of the library. 

The following list shows the room numbers and their capacities. Each room is equipped with a TV to display content from patrons' laptops and a whiteboard.

Study Room 110 - 12 person
Study Room 112 - 6 person
Study Room 120 - 2 person
Study Room 121 - 4 person
Study Room 122 - 4 person
Study Room 123 - 10 person
Study Room 124 - 10 person
Study Room 126 - 6 person
Study Room 128 - 6 person
Study Room 133 - 6 person

Using the online reservation system, you may login with your Miami Unique ID and password, and then reserve a study room for up to two hours, up to two weeks in advance. Rooms may also be requested in person at our InfoDesk, or by contacting the library staff by email, chat, or phone.

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