Monday, March 21, 2016

Author Mary Erdmans (On Becoming a Teen Mom) Meets Readers

Please join us on Wednesday, March 30, at 11:00am in the Blue Chairs Area of the Gardner-Harvey Library to meet author Mary Erdmans.  Light refreshments will be served.

She is the co-author of On Becoming a Teen Mom: Life Before Pregnancy and is currently a Professor of Sociology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She will talk about the book and answer questions from the audience. Here is a synopsis of the work:

"In this myth-shattering book, the authors tell the life stories of 108 brown, white, and black teen mothers, exposing the problems in their lives often overlooked in pregnancy prevention campaigns. Some stories are tragic and painful, marked by sexual abuse, partner violence, and school failure. Others depict "girl next door" characters whose unintended pregnancies lay bare insidious gender disparities. Offering a fresh perspective on the links between teen births and social inequalities, this book demonstrates how the intersecting hierarchies of gender, race, and class shape the biographies of young mothers."

This event will count toward the 2 event minimum to qualify to win a Kindle Fire from the library this semester.

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