Friday, February 20, 2015

Share your work on the big screen using AirMedia and AppleTV!

Would you like to share content from your laptop or mobile device on a bigger display?  When working with a group of people on a document or other project, it is hard for everyone to crowd around a small screen.

Come to STAR Lounge 2 in the Gardner-Harvey Library to experience two systems that can help.  With our 47" flatscreen TV, you can easily share websites, video, presentations, and documents with a large group.

Crestron's AirMedia system lets you share content from Windows and MacOS laptops as well as iOS devices and Android phones and tablets.  You can share up to four devices at one time, which is useful if multiple people have content to share for the group to consider.  Watch a video about how the Crestron AirMedia system works.

For MacOS and iOS devices, we also have an AppleTV connected to our TV.  You can join the MU Gaming WiFi network and share your content from a laptop or iPad using AirPlay.

We are happy to assist you in using these devices.  Give them a try during your next project meeting or group study session!

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