Monday, May 12, 2014


You know the Miami 2020 Plan is in place and guiding curriculum development and institutional priorities.  It highlights learning and discovery, inquiry-based experiential learning, immersion of faculty and students in research and creative scholarship, global engagement, and e-learning.

What may be news is that the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has a task force in place to revise its 2000 standards.  Discussion of the draft:  Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education  will continue at the American Library Association annual meeting, June 2014.  The revision shifts emphasis to metaliteracy and threshold concepts (knowledge practices or abilities).  Today’s students are creators and curators of information, expected by employers to collaborate in teams to produce digital projects.  Your Gardner-Harvey Librarians have the privilege of facilitating a Discussion Forum for the national membership of ACRL’s instruction section this June.  The new framework will be implemented in 2015. 

What does this mean for me and how will it impact the courses I teach? 

You may wish to redesign one or more of your course research assignments in the next year.  One of the Gardner-Harvey librarians would be pleased to assist you in this effort or provide metaliteracy instruction in a format that meets your students’ needs, whether first-generation, non-traditional, international…

Librarians are glad to offer in-class instruction or Learning Management System Embedded Librarianship or Research Consultations.  Simply start the conversation by contacting us this summer or next fall.  We are happy to collaborate with you to strengthen students’ understanding of issues and skills related to the complex information ecosystem.

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