Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What, exactly, does Articles & More search?

We've been answering this question for people, even before they ask it, in a pretty vague way for a while.  We'll say that Articles & More searches "most of our databases" or"65-70 databases."  This has been particularly true in library instruction sessions, but it also comes up in some form at the InfoDesk or out among the computers.  Now it's time to get more specific.

Articles & More (which is also known as OneSearch once you run a search in it, and is actually a product called Ebsco Discovery Service, or EDS) searches 92 different databases or catalogs - all of our Ebsco databases (here's a sampling of them) and the OhioLINK Central Catalog, which includes books, ebooks, DVDs, and more owned by the 91 member institutions of OhioLINK.

We have around 200 databases available to use, and it's valuable to remember that while Articles & More picks up much of the literature on a given topic, there are other databases to check.  We would tend to recommend the Electronic Journal Center (EJC) and Web of Science for exclusively scholarly materials, and Lexis-Nexis for more full-text news sources and legal sources.

Be sure to watch our tutorial on searching Articles & More, or contact our staff for more assistance.

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