Thursday, April 04, 2013

New materials added to Library in March

To bring you up to date on what has recently been added to the collection, a new materials list is now available that reflects additions during March. We added 174 books, e-books, DVDs, and other items during that time, thanks to your selections and suggestions. The list is sorted by call number, with items grouped roughly by subject area.  

Of note in this month's new materials list are the 33 e-books we've added in March, for a total of 73 e-books added during 2012-13.

This tag will show you all of the prior lists of new materials.  

Have a suggestion of something to order? Use our online request form, email Jennifer Hicks or one of our other staff members, or drop by the library with your request at any time.  Our official ordering deadline is Friday, April 5, but if you have additional items to order, we can still get those orders in (or hold them until after July 1 for next fiscal year).  

We've added 852 items to the collection so far this year, and I expect we'll end up at around 1200 items (so long as you keep suggesting items for us to order!).

Thanks again for keeping our collection vibrant and your information needs met!

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