Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bring the 3D world to a screen or projector

We have just added four IPEVO Point 2 View document cameras to our reserve collection.  We have a more heavy-duty camera on reserve for faculty or staff use, but these four items are very light-weight, easy to install and use, and available for students to check out as well (3 day loan).  There is a CD-ROM for installing the viewing software (which also allows for screen capture of images).  They capture any object or item you place in their lens and display it on a monitor or on a digital projector.  An interesting use of our other document camera in the library was by our mural artist Allison Singhoffer, who connected the camera to a digital projector to project a sketch of her mural drawing onto the wall to guide her artwork.

A rather messy image is below of my desk, the IPEVO camera, and my monitor displaying a live image of one of our new Kindles.

Thanks to interim Regional E-Learning Director Janet Hurn for suggesting this purchase from her library funds.

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