Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Library survey results are in!

From October 18 - November 12, 2010, the library had a web-based and paper one-minute survey in place to gather suggestions for improvements to the library. We had 40 responses from the MUM community: 15 students, 11 faculty members, 11 staff members, and 3 Middletown community members.

After identifying their status, respondents made one or more suggestions of ways we could improve the library.
We are still analyzing the responses, and have thus far grouped them into ones involving: (1) the library environment, (2) the collection, (3) our services, (4)needs for marketing/information, (5) staff.

Will we add a Starbucks, buy more music CDs, offer a drop-off spot in Johnston to return library items, or hire more staff? All of these suggestions are possible, provided that they fit our mission and our future budgets. We realized from the results that there are some services we need to market more and facets of the library (books and computers) that people really like.

We are grateful to members of the MUM community for taking the time to give us input. Our mission is to help you meet your informational needs, and we welcome your feedback at any time to help us fine-tune our services.

To give you an idea of the subjects We created a Wordle below to display the most common words that came up in the survey (the capitalized terms Faculty, Students, Staff, and Community reflect the status choices of the respondents and the other terms were drawn from the open comments of the respondents).

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