Monday, October 25, 2010

Announcing Mini Saga Fiction Contest Winners

MUM writers, thank you for participating in the Gardner-Harvey Library Mini Saga Fiction Contest! We appreciate your creativity and effort crafting a story in exactly 50 words. Contest judges Dr. Schorman and Dr. Casey reviewed nearly 25 entries and selected these two winning entries. Congratulations to David Miller and Julia Brodt-Eppley.

We had a yard sale after the wake and got rid of the magazines, teacups, saucers, pots, china, and the hairy armchair. And yes. We even sold the telescope she would use to inspect meteors and planets. As we finished, a straggler came our way. I swear it was mom. D. E. Miller

Class began. Lecture hall crowded. He entered from the back, late. Usually sat up front, Braille machine positioned to clack. Unsure, he froze. End student aware, sent message down back row. Seamlessly, each nodded, shifted down a seat. He claimed the end, positioned Braille machine. Then smiled. Instructor cried. Silently. Julia Brodt-Eppley

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