Friday, July 10, 2009

Tweet tweet! GHL is now on Twitter!

Attention all social-networkers: GHL has joined Twitter! Follow our tweets posted under the name "askghl."

What is Twitter, some of you may ask? Ellyssa Kroski explains in the Online Education Database blog, iLibrarian:

What is it
Twitter is a free communication and social networking tool which allows you to convey short messages of up to 140 characters to your circle of friends via the Twitter website, SMS, email, IM, or other Twitter client. Messages appear not only within your profile on Twitter, but are sent to your community of followers who have signed up to receive your updates. Often referred to as microblogging, this new phenomenon has caught on with over 300,000 users on Twitter alone including Barack Obama and John Edwards. Twitter recently made the cut as one of Time’s Best 50 Websites of 2007. Librarians are using it to communicate at conferences and events and to keep up with developments in the field, and libraries have begun using it to promote their services."

How to use it
Check out some of these great how-to guides which will have you twittering in no time:

The 12 Minute Definitive Guide to Twitter
WebJunction: Mobile Instant Messaging Meets Social Networking: Twitter - A Beginner’s Guide, Part 2
Newbie’s guide to Twitter
David Lee King: Twtter Explained for Librarians, or 10 ways to use Twitter

David Free: Welcome To The Twitterverse
David Lee King: Twitter, part 2: the “fluff

Read more of Ellyssa's post at:

Happy Twittering! :o)

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