Friday, February 15, 2008

Academic Research Made Easier

The “Google Generation” tends to be impatient in research, according to a study by the British Library and Joint Information System Committee. “Knowledge Now,” might be their motto. Today’s researchers desire integrated or federated or one-stop-searching. So how do faculty and librarians lead students into the maze of reference works and noteworthy books in the library collection?
With this end in mind, Miami University Libraries invites you to use Reference Universe by Paratext. Search reference materials at the index level rather than the usual title or subject heading level. Go to Input search terms in one search box to locate numerous articles and essays in Miami University Libraries’ reference collection, both print and electronic in addition to its electronic book collection. Results will lead you to either a book with library and call number or link you to the electronic resource itself. Try it and let your partners in research @ your library know what you think. Have your students do the same!

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