Saturday, October 20, 2007

A good book and the great outdoors: the Library Terrace!

Care to sit in the fresh air while using library resources? Now you can!

We just opened the Library Terrace: a small porch area nestled on the hillside at the rear of the library, with a nice view of Levey Hall. The Terrace, once intended as an additional library entrance, can now serve as a vehicle for enjoying the warmth of a morning or the cool shade of an afternoon while studying, reading, or enjoying the campus wireless network.

Though fall is getting back on track, there is still some temperate weather remaining this year. The Terrace is open during the same hours that the library is open, except that we close it at 7:00PM on Monday through Thursday evenings (while the library stays open until 9:00PM).

We're still working on getting permanent outdoor furniture in place, but we do have chairs and tables available for you to use out there (just ask if you need help). We hope you'll find this a nice addition to our library environment.

Our thanks to the good folks in Physical Facilities for making the Terrace possible.

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