Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How believable, how helpful is the Internet?

In response to a question by American Libraries' interviewer: "You don't believe that everything is on the internet?" Garrison Keillor, noted storyteller, musician, author, and creator of public radio broadcast A Prairie Home Companion replied:

"The internet is just an enormous, interesting swamp. It's full of self-promotion, it's full of bad information, it's full of everything. And you can sort of maneuver your way around it, from island to island, and you can find things of interest, but I think there still is room for paper between covers. People have a limited amount of time, and if you take a hard look at the amount of time you spend drifting, trying to get your bearings on the internet, you are grateful for people who can save you time and that's what librarians do--they save you enormous amounts of time."

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Susan said...

Thank you for including this enjoyable comment by one of my favorite authors and performers.