Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OhioLINK Electronic Book Center debuts

OhioLINK has made the following announcement regarding the new Electronic Book Center. This is an exciting addition to our resources:

"The new Electronic Book Center is now available at

We have loaded 5000 e-books from Oxford University Press and Springer.
Additional books are coming from these publishers, but we want to make the E-Book Center available now, even without 100% of the books loaded.

We currently access the Oxford books through Oxford Scholarship Online. We will continue to have access to Oxford's OSO interface, but our own interface makes the same books available within a multi-publisher environment.

We have had access to Springer books at, but this was an interim solution until our own E-Book Center is available.

For the time being, ABC-CLIO reference books remain on a separate interface

We will move ABC-CLIO books over to the new system in September, and then the old "Electronic Reference Books" system will superseded.

These e-books will be accessible from the catalog. From the catalog record for each book, a "rave" URL links to the e-book itself. Catalog records for Springer and Oxford books are in process. Existing "rave" URL's for ABC-CLIO books will point over to the new system, once that migration is complete."

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