Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Periodical Update: the Popular and the Current

In case you ever wondered what the most popular periodicals in the Library were, here's your answer. We haven't done a count like this since 2004/2005 (which you can check for comparison), but it seemed like a good time. We are unable to track online use of the more than 30,000 full-text periodicals we offer through our databases (at least specific counts to the Middletown campus), but we do track uses of our over 250 current newspaper, magazine, and journal subscriptions.

But before I get to the list, let me mention that we have moved our Current Periodicals shelving over into our reference area. Now you can browse our periodicals collection at a glance, pick out a title to review, and sit in our comfy laptop chairs or at a table. Periodic bliss!

And now, for the 2006/2007 academic year, the top 20 periodicals were:

1. Washington Post
2. Cincinnati Enquirer
3. Publishers Weekly
4. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neo-Natal Nursing
5. Chicago Tribune
6. Time
7. Nursing Times
8. Los Angeles Times
9. Better Homes and Gardens
10. Middletown Journal
11. Rolling Stone
12. Booklist
13. National Wildlife
14. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
15. Writing Center Journal
16. Ebony
17. Library Journal
18. Health
19. Dayton Daily News
20. American Journal of Nursing


Anonymous said...

How do you tell how often a periodical is used? A reshelving count?

John said...

That's right. We count all periodical issues that are left on the reshelving cart or elsewhere in the library. We're bound to miss issues that are reshelved by those who read them, but this does give us a sense of usage.