Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heard a Good Book Lately? Try a Playaway!

The Library is pleased to announce the addition of 45 Playaway digital audio books to our collection. Playaways are small devices (half the size of a deck of cards) that come preloaded with an audio book. We provide you with the Playaway and a AAA battery, you provide the earbuds, headphones, or speakers, and your listening enjoyment begins.

Want to listen to your Playaway in the car? Then check out an FM transmitter when you choose your Playway title. We can also provide you with earbuds for $1.

Playaways check out for a three week loan and may be renewed (just like our other books). They are located in a red shelving unit in our reference area.

For more information on what Playaways are and how they work, please see the Playaway "How to Play" page. For a list of the titles we have purchased, see these search results from the MU Library Catalog.

If you have any questions, or recommendations of titles to purchase, please let us know.

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