Monday, August 08, 2005

What's everyone reading?

In case you ever wondered what the most popular periodicals in the Library were, here's your answer. We are unable to track online use of the more than 20,000 full-text periodicals we offer through our databases, but we do track uses of the over 380 current subscriptions we have to newspapers, magazines, and journals.

For the 2004/2005 academic year, the top 20 were:
1. Los Angeles Times
2. American Journal of Nursing
3. Newsweek
4. Time
5. Cincinnati Enquirer
6. Middletown Journal
7. Chicago Tribune
8. Sports Illustrated
9. New Yorker
10. Publisher's Weekly
11. Consumer Reports
12. New Republic
13. American Artist
14. Columbus Dispatch
15. Washington Post
16. U.S. News and World Report
17. Reading Teacher
18. Rolling Stone
19. Seventeen
20. Critical Care Nurse


Anonymous said...

How do you track serial usage? By reshelving times?

John said...

That's right. We count each issue that's left on the reshelving cart or on tables before it's reshelved. Of course, patrons do reshelve items on their own, so we're bound to miss some. It gives us an idea of usage, though.

Middletown said...

The L. A. Times rocks.